Somebody here thinks like ME!

Interestingly, last week I ran into this slightly newer Acura than mine in the K-fart parking lot. It has the same rims I bought for my old Escort which, due to the fact that at the time I obtained my Acura Integra, my tires hadn't received alot of use yet, I transfered them from the Escort to the Integra. I'd originally obtained the rims on eBay from someone in Nevada who last used them on a Volkswagen. When I received them, they also had some center plates/caps which would cover the lug nuts/bolts. I decided, and Allen agreed, that the wheels looked better without those, so I turned around and sold the covers. Apparently, THIS Acura owner either never had those plates or felt the same way I do. And here's another coincidence; the tires are the same size as well! Neither mine, nor this person's tires are actually the "correct" size as the correct size is a squatter type of tire… interesting, to me.

Georgia VoyeurVision

Okay, so, the being a farmer thing really didn't work out well. I got the poor farmer really pissed off at me when he had me mowing. I'd mowed down his asparagus. I feel terrible about the whole experience. I just left him there as I felt if I'd done any more damage, I might have given him a heart attack.

So, if you want to see what I'm doing now, just CLICK HERE.

More Bias in the Media

According to today's
"There will be widespread rain and thundersorms in southeastern Kansas and eastern Oklahoma, and violent tornadoes are possible, according to the National Weather Service. The storms will also be capable of producing large hail and damaging straight-line winds."
How do they know these tornadoes are violent? They may be simply misunderstood. The tornadoes might not have had a good upbringing. I mean, they're still tornaodes, and tornadoes must act like tornadoes to identify themselves with other tornadoes. So, if a tornado flattens your small town,
maybe it just hasn't received good direction.

Thundersorms indeed!

First day; first pay

Today, I made my first $20 in Georgia. I found a dealio on Craig's list to go take some pictures in Newnan. It was probably 90 miles round trip but the job of taking pictures of a house was simple enough for me. Tomorrow, I go play around on a farm again, maybe that guy will pay me tomorrow too!

Testing the email blog

So, My Opera claims I can blog using my email. This message will be testing that.

I'm wondering what happens when I attach a picture to this message. If it actually comes through, this picture is my framed Zelda overworld map that I printed out back in 1998 with my then-new HP Color Deskjet 722c. I tried to give this wonderful print away prior to moving but nobody wanted it. Now that I've painted my room, I'm glad I still have it because I think the color of my wall goes along very nicely with the Zelda overworld map.

Okay, it works, picture included, however, extra carriage returns must be deleted later. Still, it's a great function to have.

So Long to My Opera

A little edit is in order here as My Opera will be shutting down in March of 2014… bummer! So this now irrelevant post seems sortof silly but echhhh! I leave it here with this lovely note anyhow.

I’m very happy to have dumped myspace and facebook this week. Both are hobbled by super slow interfaces with myspace being especially bad. I’d only been on the facebook a couple of weeks and was appalled that the limits on customization were even stricter than that of myspace. I’d logged into myspace the next day and found that I was “following” certain celebrities, such as Tim Allen and Tavis Smiley. I know who Tavis is, it’s been some years since I last watched his show and I never considered him worth “following”. I don’t have a CLUE who Tim Allen is. But yet, there they were on what was supposed to be MY space. So, anyone reading on that page would just assume that I was interested in these ten or so people. I can assure you; I was not.

Here’s the other problem I have with myspace and facebook; in order to view them, you have to be “in the club”, a member of the walled garden. To view this page you’re currently reading, you don’t have to join ANYTHING! For a take on this stuff from someone who knows something more about than I from a perspective that’s not as subjective as mine, please see:
Something myspace thwarted as much as possible; my posting of non-myspace hyperlinks! Whacked all of them when they upgraded me to 3.0. Hell, they whacked my theme on my page again so I had to go through the work of doing all over. And that one had been done all over from when they whacked my site upgrading from version 1.0!

Here, I have much wider latitude over my theme and content. Did I mention? It was really great to be here!

Skype is screwed

So today, I wanted to add a new phone number to my Skype contact list. I had the number in an email message so it should have been an easy copy and paste operation on my computer, right?


Of all the stupid shit I can think of, I can’t imagine why this silly new add-contact interface won’t allow paste. Right-clicking these fields DOES NOTHING!

So, I thought I’d let the folks at Skype know how silly I thought this was… by clicking the Give Feedback button in the Skype interface.

Targeted Web Advertising is a Joke

Advertising on the World Wide Web has been annoying for some years now. With the advent of spybots and adbots, it began to become a security risk. That’s why I run my typical Internet browsing computers with a hosts file which maps frequent offenders to the localhost. Rather than deal with what the advertising world has up its sleeve, I simply deny myself from ever loading content from them. Today (the day I wrote this) was a bit different than normal. I was busting in a new version of my operating system and hadn’t yet engaged my hosts file on this system. Once a day, I usually bounce around various news sites to keep up on events in news, sports and technology. Upon reading an article about Christian Slater getting a divorce, I quickly realized that my normal “get no advertising” safeties were not in force. Here are the titles of the “targeted” ads based on the perceived meaning of the words in the article:

  • Matching Based on Christian Principles
  • AdamMeetEve Christian Singles Dating
  • Single? Christian? Find Romance Free!
  • Be Ordained and Do Christian Marriages

There are a number of ways I can take this. The first, and probably most often employed, is that I completely ignore the ads. The second is my gut reaction, upon noticing the ads, is that I laugh my ass off. The third, and not often used reaction, is the reason I’ve written about it – I vent my disgust. These ads have absolutely NOTHING to do with the article I was reading. But somebody, somewhere thought that content-based targeting of ads was a good idea. If I were an advertiser, I’d be screaming for my money back. As a Web content user, I will remember to get my hosts file back in force as soon as I get done testing this OS, maybe sooner. I’ve now been disturbed. More than likely, I will soon rant about other things that gnaw at my head everyday living in the society and world of 2005.

This… is unbelievable.

Some time ago, I became dismayed by an increasing tendency to depend on features of newer versions of Internet Explorer to be able to run Windows programs. Although this has long been a custom of Microsoft’s for newer versions of their programs, I was lost for a reason why version six of Acrobat Reader by Adobe would need such an upgrade. At the time, I made a ceiling policy which is that I will install no version of the Acrobat Reader higher than the version five which I was quick to make sure I always knew where my archive was.

With this latest one, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. I guess the browser wars are truly over.