Somebody here thinks like ME!

Interestingly, last week I ran into this slightly newer Acura than mine in the K-fart parking lot. It has the same rims I bought for my old Escort which, due to the fact that at the time I obtained my Acura Integra, my tires hadn't received alot of use yet, I transfered them from the Escort to the Integra. I'd originally obtained the rims on eBay from someone in Nevada who last used them on a Volkswagen. When I received them, they also had some center plates/caps which would cover the lug nuts/bolts. I decided, and Allen agreed, that the wheels looked better without those, so I turned around and sold the covers. Apparently, THIS Acura owner either never had those plates or felt the same way I do. And here's another coincidence; the tires are the same size as well! Neither mine, nor this person's tires are actually the "correct" size as the correct size is a squatter type of tire… interesting, to me.