My Latest Girlfriend

What I want to know is who thinks up this crap to send/spam my mailbox with:

I am your sweetest strawberry. A hottie from your most beautiful desires! I could show you my photo shots if wanna see me and you will be aware that it is truth.

All of your dreams would be about me! My name is Gabrielle Gonzales and I am a playful beauty. Let’s chat for a while and there are no doubts you will be dreaming about me! Who knows, maybe we will go to club, have travel or have fun in my bedroom.

I will help you to satisfy all of your desires, sweetheart!

And previously…:

You are accomplished looking man. Extremely gorgeous. You absorbed my care.

But then I believe you got that influence on all women.Would you be engaged in corresponding? If you need to know more about me, then reply to my email.