So Long to My Opera

A little edit is in order here as My Opera will be shutting down in March of 2014… bummer! So this now irrelevant post seems sortof silly but echhhh! I leave it here with this lovely note anyhow.

I’m very happy to have dumped myspace and facebook this week. Both are hobbled by super slow interfaces with myspace being especially bad. I’d only been on the facebook a couple of weeks and was appalled that the limits on customization were even stricter than that of myspace. I’d logged into myspace the next day and found that I was “following” certain celebrities, such as Tim Allen and Tavis Smiley. I know who Tavis is, it’s been some years since I last watched his show and I never considered him worth “following”. I don’t have a CLUE who Tim Allen is. But yet, there they were on what was supposed to be MY space. So, anyone reading on that page would just assume that I was interested in these ten or so people. I can assure you; I was not.

Here’s the other problem I have with myspace and facebook; in order to view them, you have to be “in the club”, a member of the walled garden. To view this page you’re currently reading, you don’t have to join ANYTHING! For a take on this stuff from someone who knows something more about than I from a perspective that’s not as subjective as mine, please see:
Something myspace thwarted as much as possible; my posting of non-myspace hyperlinks! Whacked all of them when they upgraded me to 3.0. Hell, they whacked my theme on my page again so I had to go through the work of doing all over. And that one had been done all over from when they whacked my site upgrading from version 1.0!

Here, I have much wider latitude over my theme and content. Did I mention? It was really great to be here!

2 thoughts on “So Long to My Opera

  1. myspace has sucked for years.

    Facebook? Somebody just "app'd" me with some thingy on that, and I sent her an email and told her that I had no idea who the heck she was and could she please not include me on her quest for facebook success.

    Another friend of mine, who has been very Facebook friendly, had to have her entire computer cleaned because of all the Green Patch and other shit that Facebook wraps around your harddrive.

    Facebook — the best way to enjoy it is to NEVER join any of their stupid clubs!!! If you don't join, you'll keep your computer clean of all that junk that Facebook wants to land on your drive!!!

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