I recently got a FLIR One attachment for my stupid big-kid phone, it's an infrared camera -long story short...

I heard a scratching noise in one of the heating ducts below my kitchen just before wanting to go to bed. Expected to need to evict a smaller, more energetic, harder to catch woodland creature from somewhere in my basement. Rapidly discovered the same cat I had shown the door yesterday -this time visiting a space above a basement closet in between joists. I now know how it got in before.

Blew an entire cigarette into space, cat leaves the way it came in, no animals harmed in this story, whole thing maybe 20min.

I was looking at the tiny window FLIRcat got in through yesterday while considering how I should fix the tiny screen, and make the entry generally ungood, and whose profile do I see through the glass block window -FLIRcat. Trying to get back in, and scratching at the tiny screen over the tiny vent window on those things. Merely fixing the screen won't do it, and I'm a bit pissed as that's where I poke out extension cords. I'll figure it out. There was a funny, very close-up thermal discovery of this creature where I was expecting something much smaller and realized those were two eyes on my display. A looking for something, realizing it's looking at you, and it's much larger than expected kinda thing. There's probably a quote from "Jaws" somewhere.

~ courtesy of Rob